Pictures of this year's illuminated Walk:

BBC website: In Pictures - Northumberland Lights Illuminate Cragside

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You can listen to the music for the William Armstrong Birthday Show by downloading the mp3s here:

    1. Cragside Landscape
    2. Lady Brook
    3. Industry
    4. Electricity
    5. Happy Birthday William Armstrong

Created by Toby Park and Dan Fox from sounds gathered from the house, mechanics and landscape of the Cragside Estate, and inspired by the life and remarkable works of William Armstrong.


Please Note: All valid refunds have now been processed - all tickets received before the 21 day cut off point (19/12/10) have been refunded.


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Created in association with
The National Trust at Cragside

and with Armstrong 200 and the
William Armstrong website



Northumberland Lights would like to thank Arts Council England for their continued support of Northumberland Lights and the development of artists' practices in this wonderful landscape.

Northumberland Lights 2010 saw the launch of a new partnership with the National Trust.

Here is a film and images of this years illuminated
walk, and sounds from the birthday show (that
never was!).